Ready for School!

Posted on 06. Sep, 2006, in Book Reviews, Caring for Children, Church Teachings, SchoolsNo Comments

Have you a Junior Infant in your house this year?! It’s a first for so many parents and whether it’s the first in the house to head off to school or someone further down the line, it’s still a day to mark new beginnings. How will they settle in, will they make friends, will they cope with a big classroom – and what about the discipline of school?  Margaret Horan and Geraldine O’Brien are both teachers, well used to ‘first-timers’ and they have written a book ‘Ready for School – a Parent’s Guide’ in which they set out practical hints for parents as they prepare for the new pupil’s ‘first day’.  Eileen Good asked Geraldine when she felt a parent should start the preparation.

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