The Hunger House

Posted on 09. Nov, 2017 in Book Reviews, Community, Death, Economy

Conor Mcguire – an artist and columnist for the Western People has written a book called the “Hunger House”.  Set in Ballina, Co. Mayo, just before the Great Famine in Ireland, the book looks at the lives of people in this less well known time in Ireland. Speaking with Pat Coyle, Conor argues that this […]

Rebuilding Ireland – doomed to fail

Posted on 19. Oct, 2017 in Christian Values, Community, Economy, Young people

In this two part housing special we take an in-depth look at some of the things that are moving Ireland in the direction of less home ownership and towards more precarious rental situations. In this first part, Margaret Burns, from the Jesuit Centre of Faith and Justice looks at how housing trends have changed dramatically […]

Rebuilding Ireland – doomed to fail P2

Posted on 19. Oct, 2017 in Christian Values, Community, Economy, Homelessness

In this second part of looking at rebuilding Ireland, Margaret looks at the Government action plan, Rebuilding Ireland. She says it is doomed to fail unless there is a fundamental change in ideology. She explores how a housing policy that is largely based on being serviced by the private sector will alway have investment and profit as […]

Budget 2018

Posted on 12. Oct, 2017 in Christian Values, Economy

The response to Budget 2018 was underwhelming. Social Justice Ireland wrote in their critique that it “sees modest improvements for some but fails to get to grips with the scale of the crises needing to be addressed.” They pointed to the fact that there are over 8,000 without a home and that nearly one in […]

Citizens assembly

Posted on 28. Sep, 2017 in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Ecology, Economy, Faith and Justice

The recent hurricanes in the Atlantic have brought the realities of climate change into focus. If we fail to address the issue, there will be ever increasing turbulent weather. This weekend the Citizens’ Assembly will convene in Dublin to look at climate change. The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice (JCFJ) has made a submission […]

Justice for All

Posted on 14. Sep, 2017 in Community, Economy

Eamon Murphy, economic and social analyst at Social Justice Ireland said: “most recent data on minimum wage employment shows that about 10% of employees are working for the minimum wage or less.” However the minimum wage rate is still 20% below the living wage. He said that evidence shows people need €11.70 an hour in […]

Social Innovation in the Vatican

Posted on 07. Sep, 2017 in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Ecology, Economy, Nature

Founder of Social Arcade, a cutting edge gaming company, Mariano Di Murro, recently had an innovate career opportunity – he went from making computer games to working in the Vatican. Answering Pope Francis’ appeal to bring about change that would save the planet, he found himself living in the Vatican working on a project to […]

Shadowing Peter McVerry

Posted on 13. Apr, 2017 in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Community, Economy, Faith and Justice, Gospel Values, Vocation, Young people

Chris Brolly is a Jesuit novice on a three-month placement in Dublin. Originally from Newcastle, England, 28 year-old Chris is of Irish Catholic heritage who worked in marginalised communities before joining the Jesuits. In this interview with Pat Coyle from Irish Jesuit Communications, he speaks about his reason for joining the Jesuits and he shares his […]

Solving Inequality

Posted on 19. Jan, 2017 in Economy, Politics, Poverty

Eight men own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorer half of the world’s population, according to a new report published by Oxfam. ‘An Economy for the 99 Percent’ shows that the gap between rich and poor is far greater than had been thought thanks to new and better […]

Pressure at Christmas

Posted on 15. Dec, 2016 in Achievement, Christian Values, Christmas, Church Teachings, Community, Economy, Faith and Justice

Christmas is a time for celebration, but for many living on low or fixed incomes, it can be a time of stress and worry. Michelle Murphy from Social Justice Ireland said she sometimes gets calls from people in summer wondering how they will manage over Christmas. She says that it’s also a time when people […]