Grandparents pilgrimage ‘09

Posted on 02. Sep, 2009 in Family, Grandparents, Irish - knock, Lough Derg, Croagh Patrick, Pilgrimage, Relationships

Being a grandparent is becoming more difficult. And when it comes to faith, it can be very complicated. Many grandparents see that their children are not being raised in the Faith that meant so much to them. Catherine Wiley is organising a Grandparent’s pilgrimage in September to Knock taking place on the 13th of September. […]

Grandparents Head to Knock

Posted on 05. Sep, 2007 in Church Teachings, Grandparents, Pilgrimage

St. Joachim and St. , Anne. Grandparents of Jesus, will be celebrated at Knock when the first ever pilgrimage of Irish grandparents takes place in Knock on Saturday September 22nd. The day will be lead by Dr. Michael Neary Archbishop of Tuam, the keynote speaker is Dana  –  and the whole venture if the brainchild […]