Love Surpasses Fear

Posted on 21. Jun, 2018 in Christian Values, Faith and Justice, Gospel Values, Humanitarian Aid, Places of Conflict, Refugees

Peter Girasek SJ said he felt like he was going to a sure death when he was asked to go to refugee camps in Iraq, a country that was assaulted by the Islamic extremist group ISIS for three years displacing over three million people. He made the decision to go when he asked himself, ‘If […]

The Volunteer

Posted on 07. Jun, 2018 in Community, Conflict, Places of Conflict

As the threat of terrorist attacks increase across Europe, we look at this piece on Ireland’s own history with terrorism and understanding the mentality of someone who signs up to a terrorist organisation. Shane O’Doherty joined the IRA at 15 years of age and was very quickly graduated from minor acts of insurgence to running a […]

Peace in the North

Posted on 22. Jun, 2017 in Places of Conflict, Politics

This week we are looking at the book on Fr Alec Reid, One Man, One God  by Redemptorist by Fr Martin McKeever. It provides unique insight into what motivated Fr Alec, what inspired him, and what kept him going during years of disappointment, frustration and seeming failure. We also remember a interview Fr Alec Reid […]

Chaplain In Wheatfield Prison

Posted on 24. Mar, 2016 in Chaplaincy, Christian Values, Community, Crime, Education, Holy Week, Places of Conflict, Poverty, Prison, Rehabilitation, Seasons of the Church Year

A recent article in the Irish Times featured an interview with Stephen Plunkett, chief executive of U-Casadh, a programme aimed at rehabilitating prisoners. In it he says that the vast majority of prisoners are not violent and shouldn’t be locked up but rather rehabilitated. The Easter Christian message in particular reminds us of the respect […]

An Army Chaplain in Iraq

Posted on 21. May, 2015 in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Conflict, Places of Conflict, War / Civil Unrest

 Tim Valentine SJ, US army Chaplain, on far right, with Cadets Tim Valentine SJ entered the army in his forties to train to become a Chaplain. Having spent most of his life as a teacher, his world was changed completely when he was a first hand witness to the destruction of the New York Twin […]

Papal visit to Holy Land

Posted on 29. May, 2014 in Faith and Justice, Gospel Values, Humanitarian Aid, Places of Conflict

Pope Francis said goodbye to Israel last Monday evening after an historic three-day visit to the Holy Land. He earned new fans and amazed politicians with his unprecedented invitation for a peace prayer summit in Rome. He was the first pontiff to fly directly into the West Bank and to refer to the Israeli-occupied territory […]

Dr Paul O’Callaghan QUB Pt4 (final)

Posted on 30. Jan, 2014 in Places of Conflict, War / Civil Unrest, Young people

In this 4th and final part of our mini series with Dr Paul O’Callaghan of Queens University Belfast, Conor Deane talks to Dr. O’Callaghan about his time in Uganda working with Child Soldiers.   Strong Advisory!This is a harrowing story about children who have been through some of the worst atrocities. It does not make […]

A Case of Confidence

Posted on 24. Jun, 2009 in Book Reviews, Places of Conflict

A Case of Confidence is the title of Ian Smith’s book about his travels to places he always wanted to visit in Palestine, Israel and Turkey. Through his work as Director of Mission at Church Mission Society he has had long association with that part of the world but had never met the Christians who […]

Pathways to Palestine

Posted on 24. Jun, 2009 in Charity, Humanitarian Aid, Places of Conflict

Life in Gaza continues to get more difficult for its citizens. Restrictions in food and medical supplies means that many people go without the basics. Four students decided to do something to help raise money and more importantly awareness. Gearoid Ó Cuinn, John Maher, Eoghan Quinn and Ronan Sheehan are going to cycle 4000 miles […]

Reconciliation in Sierra Leone

Posted on 27. May, 2009 in Community, Places of Conflict

Last week we heard from the Archbishop of Freetown and Bo, who has been one year in his job in Sierra Leone. This week he talks with Miriam Gormally about the inter religious challenges he faces in trying to bring together people of different faiths in Sierra Leone.