Theology in Troubled Times

Posted on 01. Feb, 2018 in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Community, Politics

Michael Kirwin SJ is a visiting professor of theology at the Loyola Institute in Dublin – giving a paper – “Stand Upright and raise your head -doing Theology in troubled times.” He says we times are turbulent and that the biggest challenge we face today is how to combat Fascism. He points to the rise […]

Peace in the North

Posted on 22. Jun, 2017 in Places of Conflict, Politics

This week we are looking at the book on Fr Alec Reid, One Man, One God  by Redemptorist by Fr Martin McKeever. It provides unique insight into what motivated Fr Alec, what inspired him, and what kept him going during years of disappointment, frustration and seeming failure. We also remember a interview Fr Alec Reid […]

Solving Inequality

Posted on 19. Jan, 2017 in Economy, Politics, Poverty

Eight men own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorer half of the world’s population, according to a new report published by Oxfam. ‘An Economy for the 99 Percent’ shows that the gap between rich and poor is far greater than had been thought thanks to new and better […]

Belvedere Boy

Posted on 01. Dec, 2016 in Christian Values, Faith and Justice, Gospel Values, Politics

Belvedere Boy is a play about the life and execution of Kevin Barry.  Irish patriot Kevin Barry was eighteen years old when he was executed on November 1st 1920 for his part in an IRA ambush which killed three young British soldiers aged fifteen, nineteen and twenty. In a controversial new play former IRA volunteer Shane Paul O’Doherty tells his version […]

Election Preparation

Posted on 04. Feb, 2016 in Christian Values, Community, Economy, Faith and Justice, Politicians, Politics

Political parties all over the country are preparing themselves for election. They will soon be knocking on doors and looking for votes. Michelle Murphy from Social Justice Ireland talked about we need to use this time to think about the kind of society that we want to build and how we can make it fairer […]

Pope Francis in America

Posted on 01. Oct, 2015 in Faith Groups, Human Trafficking, Immigrants, Media, Politics, Pope Francis

Recently Pope Francis created great expectation and excitement on his tour to America. Fr. Michael Collins, author of the book, “Francis; Bishop of Rome” also went to America to be there to witness Pope Francis’ trip as well as promote his recent book, “Pope Francis, A Photographic Portrait of the People’s Pope”. Here he talks […]

Pope Francis and Vatican II

Posted on 23. Apr, 2015 in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Politics, Vatican

Vatican Council II was the most important religious event of the twentieth century, with repercussions that reached far beyond the Catholic church. John O’Malley SJ is the author of “What Happened at Vatican II?” a book capturing the drama of the council, depicting the colourful characters involved and their clashes with one another. His analysis, […]

Senator Rónán Mullen – Christmas

Posted on 12. Dec, 2013 in Christian Values, Politicians, Politics

Senator Rónán Mullen talks with Conor Deane about his preparations for Christmas and going home and about his forthcoming run for the European elections.                       In “…Senator Ronan Mullen” Out “…I’ll want to stay pretty close to the family.” Run Time: 7:10

Anne-Maree Quinn

Posted on 14. Nov, 2013 in Christian Values, Community, Politics

Anne-Maree Quinn is an Australian Irish occupational therapist who works and lives in the heart of Dublin City Centre and has fallen in love with Ireland and so much so has decided to enter politics. This is her story.   Anne Maree after her 5k run in the dark in Dublin. Anne-Maree Quinn is running as […]

Lisbon Treaty

Posted on 02. Sep, 2009 in Economy, Politics

As the vote for Lisbon approaches, everybody is left wondering whether to vote Yes of No. Here Edmund Grace SJ gives his insight into why a Yes vote would be good for Ireland and for Europe.