Lisbon Treaty

Posted on 02. Sep, 2009 in Economy, Politics

As the vote for Lisbon approaches, everybody is left wondering whether to vote Yes of No. Here Edmund Grace SJ gives his insight into why a Yes vote would be good for Ireland and for Europe.

What in the World?

Posted on 10. Jun, 2009 in Economy, Media, Politics

What in the World? investigates the human consequences of global political and economic inequalities and human rights violations by focusing on people’s everyday lives.  Series 4 was filmed on location in Columbia, Laos, Mali, Mongolia, Niger & Paraguay and it returns to RTE 1 on Thursday 11th June at 11.05pm.  Miriam Gormally met up with […]

CORI Reaction to Budget

Posted on 15. Apr, 2009 in Economy, Politics

The budget has left many people angry. Banks get huge bailouts while children and the vulnerable have to face cuts. Sean Healy from CORI justice spoke out against the governments current decisions and explained to Miriam Gormally about the urgent need for a fairer economy. 

Inclusion Ireland

Posted on 12. Nov, 2008 in Different abilities, Economy, Politics

Budget talks continue as 2008 saw one of the harshest budgets ever. One of the groups to be affected is people living with intellectual disabilities. While the government has made a u-turn on their original decision to reduce the age of childcare from 18 to 16, there are still many issues that will affect those […]

Current Crisis in the Congo

Posted on 12. Nov, 2008 in Community, Crime, Politics

Recent news headlines have been dominated by stories of events unfolding in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Muireann Kirrane spent two years living and working in the Congo and is currently Trocaire’s Regional Liaison Officer for Central Africa.  Here she explains to Miriam Gormally how and why the current situation in Eastern Congo erupted.

No Budget for Refugees

Posted on 29. Oct, 2008 in Economy, Politics, Poverty

This year in the budget, refugees in Ireland received no increase in their allowance of €19.10. Every budget the Irish Refugee Council argues that €19.10 is an impossible amount for anyone in Ireland to live on and this year several workers, refugees and friends ran the Dublin marathon to highlight this injustice. Miriam Gormally met […]


Posted on 29. Oct, 2008 in Crime, Media, Politics

Trafficking of people is the third most profitable business in the world after selling drugs and gun running and effects many millions of people worldwide. Maura O’Donoghue MMM was at a conference in Paris where members of two organisation working against trafficking, Caritas and COATNET, met up to put pressure on Sarkosy to change legislation […]

Upcoming Olympics

Posted on 29. Jul, 2008 in Politics, Sport

As the Olympics approach, controversy over the situation between China and Tibet continues. Graham Kinch who climbed Everest this year was out there while the Chinese were brining the Olympic Torch up to the summit. Tension was high at the time and he explained to Miriam Gormally just how it affected their climb.   

News from Zimbabwe

Posted on 09. Jul, 2008 in Politics, Poverty

It is just over one week since Mugabe won the second election in Zimbabwe. It was an election that made a mockery of democracy, with only one man as a choice. Since then the people of Zimbabwe have been trying to get on with their lives in the face of brutality and soaring prices. Miriam […]

Social Justice

Posted on 14. May, 2008 in Economy, Faith and Justice, Politics, Uncategorized

As the former Minister for Finance Brian Cowen steps in as our new Taoiseach, Sean Healy of CORI Justice looks at what needs to be done to make Ireland a fair and progressive society. Miriam Gormally first asked him what were the most important economic issues which need to be looked at for 2008.