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Father Peter Rodgers OFM Director General of CORI speaks with Conor Deane.

In this interview, the first of two, Father Peter Rodgers OFM speaks with Conor Deane about his early beginnings in the Capuchins and of some of his most memorable moments before becoming Director General of CORI.

In April of 2013 CORI announced the appointment of Fr. Peter Rogers ofm cap. as the new Director General. Father Peter is formerly Provincial of the Irish Capuchins, and has most recently served on the General Council in Rome. He took up his appointment on 17 June 2013 and is due to remain with CORI for the following 3 years.

The purpose of the Conference is to serve the leaders and through them the members of Religious Congregations.  It provides a forum where religious can work together in the mission they hold in common.

The Conference of Religious of Ireland (CORI) came about through the amalgamation of the two conferences of men and women in 1983.

Today it has a membership of 136 Religious Congregations that through its leadership represents in excess of 8,000 men and women religious across the island of Ireland, North and South. As many of these congregations have members across all continents, CORI has the capacity to network across the globe.

The mission of CORI is that of Jesus who was sent into the world and who calls and sends us in turn (John 20:21).

In “Well I suppose…”

Out “…but we try to do it together.”

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