The Crowds of Croke Park

Posted on 18. Sep, 2014, in Charity, Christian Values, Humanitarian Aid1 Comment


The GAA All Ireland Championship Final is talking place this weekend. 82,000 people will take up seats in Croke Park. It’s one of the biggest crowds we can imagine. But Fr. Robert McCabe, priest in the Diocese of Meath wants people to go further in imagining multiples of this crowd on the march and displaced from their homes in Syria and Iraq. Here he explains to Miriam Gormally why we need to make the connection and to reach out to those who need help most.

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  1. Michael McCullagh says:

    “Multiples of the capacity of Croke Park have been on the move in Syria and Iraq,” says Fr.Robert McCabe and he asks us to remember the christian communities in these countries who are trying to welcome the displaced into their communities, but of course, not all can be accomodated.
    He has encouraged us to donate to Aid to the Church in Need. is the address he has given us.
    Thanks again. He is making it possible for us to do something practical for our sisters and brothers.

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