Praying with Mother Teresa

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Susan Conroy is the author of “Mother Teresa’s Lessons of Love and Secrets of Sanctity” a first hand account of her time spend working with her in India. An idealistic young volunteer, author Susan Conroy went to work in one of Mother Teresa’s orphanages and in the Home for the Dying. “In a city where I found hell on earth,” she says, “I also found each day a deep sense of peace and incredible happiness.” It was an experience that changed her life forever.

Now in order to commemorate the canonization of Blessed Mother Teresa, she has brought out another book, “Praying With Mother Teresa” sharing prayers, insights, and wisdom of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Before she died Mother Teresa gave Susan her blessing and approval to share these words and prayers with others “to bring them peace and joy too.”

Now Susan brings her message to people all around the world. She was recently in Whitefriar Street Church talking about her time with Blessed Mother Teresa and sharing wisdom on “How to Find Light in an Often Dark World”.

Here is a moving extract from her talk where she talks about what initially inspired her to go to India and the things she learned in her work with Mother Teresa.

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