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Soul Waves Radio has come to the end of its journey. It’s been a very interesting and exciting time and we were glad to share so many interviews with you. We will be publishing pieces from the archive, until the archive moves to and then you will be able to access them there. We thank you for all the support you gave us over the years.

The backing of same sex unions by Pope Francis was a surprise for many. It is an issue that has divided many for years. In this piece from 2014 we hear about some of the controversies that arose around the issue a a Catholic Church Synod.

A draft report issued halfway through the meeting had called for greater openness towards homosexuals and divorced Catholics who have remarried. But those paragraphs were not approved, and were not in the final text.

The report will inform further debate before the synod reconvenes in larger numbers in a year’s time.

The Pope said the full draft document, including the rejected paragraphs, should be published and made a powerful appeal to traditionalists not to lock themselves within the letter of the law.

Miriam Gormally met James Alison a Catholic Christian theologian and priest, who identifies as gay. He was at the video launch of “Gay Voices in Church” and he spoke afterwards about the significance of the Synod.

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