Christmas People

Posted on 17. Dec, 2020, in Christmas, Homelessness, Seasons of the Church YearNo Comments

Soul Waves Radio has come to the end of its journey. It’s been a very interesting and exciting time and we were glad to share so many interviews with you. We will be publishing pieces from the archive, until the archive moves to and then you will be able to access them there. We thank you for all the support you gave us over the years.

Alice Leahy is Founder and Director of TRUST.  Based in the Liberties in Dublin TRUST provides ‘a befriending, social and health service for people who are homeless.’  Alice stresses that homelessness is not just a Dublin problem, in all our towns and cities every night people are homeless and Christmas-time is especially difficult for them. She told Eileen Good about the work of TRUST and a particularly appropriate story for Christmas.

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