New Year, New Leaf

Posted on 07. Jan, 2021 in Church Teachings, Ecology

January is a time for turning over a new leaf and what better way than to ensure that we all live more ecologically. In this piece from the Jan 2006 archive, Miriam Gormally speaks with Dorrie Balse who coordinated the then Masters programme in Holistic development for Pastoral Ministry and a Masters programme in Social […]

Fr Conor on Christmas & Marriage

Posted on 24. Dec, 2020 in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Community

    Fr. Conor Cunningham PP Lisdoonvarna talks with Conor Deane about Christmas and his Community Weddings Initiative in Lisdoonvarna. Some years ago, during the recession, Fr. Conor Cunningham PP for Lisdoonvarna drew national attention in the press because of his offer within his parish newsletter of Community Weddings for those who found themselves unable […]

A Natural Christmas

Posted on 17. Dec, 2020 in Christmas, Ecology, Nature, Seasons of the Church Year

During the Christmas season we have a tradition of bringing nature into out homes, from the Christmas tree to holly to yew logs.  Miriam Gormally met John McLaughlin from the tree council of Ireland to find out where these traditions originate.  He also explained why it is important to be careful about what we bring […]

Great Music for Christmas

Posted on 17. Dec, 2020 in Christmas, Music, Seasons of the Church Year

We hear many wonderful pieces of music over the Christmas period. Here Ted Courtney, a lover of choral music, selects a number of lovely pieces that he feels represent Christmas.

Remembering Thomas Merton

Posted on 10. Dec, 2020 in Achievement, Christian Values, Community, Eastern Spirituality, Environment, Faith and Justice, Nature, Vocation

December 10th, just over fifty years ago, Thomas Merton was found dead in his room near Bangkok, where he had been the main speaker at an international monastic conference. At the time he was the best known Catholic monk in the world. His autobiography, The Seven Storey Mountain (Elected Silence in the English edition), was an unlikely best […]

Music for Mary

Posted on 10. Dec, 2020 in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Feminism/Women in the Church, Liturgy, Music, Saints

Mary is much celebrated at this time of year – December the 8th, when we celebrate the Immaculate Conception of Mary and Nov 21st, when we celebrate   “The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary”. Marie Dunne, a Holy Faith Sister talks about how she wrote her song Mary Temple of the Lord for the […]

Thoughts for December 8th

Posted on 03. Dec, 2020 in Faith and Justice, Seasons of the Church Year

Soul Waves Radio has come to the end of its journey. It’s been a very interesting and exciting time and we were glad to share so many interviews with you. We will be publishing pieces from the archive, until the archive moves to and then you will be able to access them there. We […]


Posted on 26. Nov, 2020 in Church Teachings, Faith and Justice, Lent, Seasons of the Church Year

It’s a long time since people were queuing up for Saturday night confession. Less and less people are availing of the Sacrament and even practising Catholics no longer think of it as an important part of the lives, does it have relevance for people today?  In this piece from the archive, Eileen Good spoke to David […]

Advent “Giving”

Posted on 26. Nov, 2020 in Advent, Church Teachings, Seasons of the Church Year

What is Advent all about, what is the true meaning of Advent? In this piece from the archive, Eileen Good met Jesuit priest Tony O’Riordan and asked him how we should utilise the season of Advent and what we should celebrate as we head towards the feast of Christmas.

Inclusive Society

Posted on 19. Nov, 2020 in Different abilities, Education, Faith and Justice

The Vision of Inclusion Ireland is that of people with an intellectual disability living and participating in the community with equal rights as citizens, to live the life of their choice to their fullest potential. Deirdre Carroll speaks to Miriam Gormally about the right of children with disabilities to have a place in mainstream schools […]