Loss and Hope

Posted on 27. Jun, 2019 in Cancer, Chronic illness, Death, Health, Hospice, Relationships

Approximately 30,000 people die each year in Ireland. Each death affects at least 10 people, therefore at least 300,000 people are newly bereaved each year.  Many of those people die in the care of The Irish Hospice Foundation.  The Hospice published a book entitled ‘Irish Stories of Loss and Hope’ to help show people .. […]

Dancing to my Death

Posted on 23. May, 2019 in Cancer, Christian Values, Community, Death, Grief, Health

Dancing to my Death is the title of Daniel O’Leary’s final masterpiece. In it he reveals his dark night of the soul upon hearing his diagnosis of terminal cancer. A well-known priest and teacher, his retreats were always in demand and inspired many people deeply. During his final illness, Daniel examines his faith through a new […]

By Time is everything Revealed

Posted on 31. May, 2018 in Art, Cancer, Community, Ecology, Health, Medicine, Meditation, Mental Health

As plants everywhere are blooming we remember this interview with author, gardener and broadcaster, Fiann Ó Nualláin. In his book,”By Time is everything Revealed” he looks at mindfulness and spiritual awareness.  Fiann brings old Irish proverbs to life for the current generation. Proverbs stand the test of time because, as they contain timeless wisdom that can […]

Women of Hope

Posted on 31. Aug, 2017 in Cancer, Faith and Justice, Feminism/Women in the Church, Health

In this archive piece from 2006, we look at Cancer and the fear it evokes. It is something that registers with every person who faces waiting for the result of tests which could be positive.  This is particularly true for women if they detect a lump in their breast; it must be checked immediately and […]

Spiritual Healing

Posted on 24. Aug, 2017 in Cancer, Faith and Justice, Health, Outside Ireland - Medjugorje

In this piece from 2015 Colleen Willard shared her story of recovery from a brain tumour. Colleen Willard had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour before her arrival to Medjugorje. She shares her remarkable story of healing and surrendereing the God’s will and how this has changed her life. She will never stop giving […]

Cancer, Prayer & Survival

Posted on 16. Jun, 2016 in Cancer, Health, Prayer

A piece from April 15th 2009 from the archives looking at the power of faith and prayer in overcoming cancer. ‘Sean was 23 years old, we were three months married and his wife was dying’ is a sentence in the opening chapter of a short book, Cancer, Prayer and Survival by Mary McDonnell.  Each chapter […]

A Girl Interrupted

Posted on 14. May, 2015 in Cancer, Christian Values, Family, Health

A Girl Interrupted is a book by Brenda Drumm about her life and Faith journey with Multiple Myeloma, a treatable, but incurable cancer of the bone marrow. Based on diary entries, cards and memories, she tells the story of how she was diagnosed and how that changed life for her and her family forever. Releasing […]

Coping with Cancer

Posted on 23. Mar, 2012 in Cancer, Health

Not the Year you had Planned, is a positive self help book by Cathy McCarthy looking at her own cancer journey. In it she looks at the practical, emotional and spiritual aspects of her illness. She spoke with Miriam Gormally about her experience explaining that her hope was that this book could play a positive […]

Responding to Cancer

Posted on 22. Jul, 2009 in Cancer, Health

18 months into his new position as Director of Mission at Church Mission Society (CMS) Ireland Ian Smith was diagnosed with a brain tumour which set back his hopes and plans and forced him to reflect on the meaning of life and death.  He told Eileen Good about his original plans, how he responded to […]

SunSmart Campaign

Posted on 27. May, 2009 in Cancer, Health

Earlier this month the Irish Cancer Society launched their SunSmart Campaign.  Skin Cancer is by far the most common cancer in Ireland, but the good news is that you can greatly reduce your risk simply by being Sunsmart.  Miriam Gormally met with Rosemary Scott, Health Promotion Officer from the Irish Cancer Society, who explained what […]